Valentines High School

Teaching and Learning course

Autumn 2017
Throughout the Year  -  Various Dates National Award For Middle Leaders
Autumn Term - Various Dates Improving Teacher Programme
Summer 2018
Summer Term - Various Dates Outstanding Teacher Programme


The National Award for Middle Leaders is an SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies Trust) designed course aimed at improving Middle Leadership within schools.

The programme is designed by the SSAT and run through accredited and trained license holders, of which Valentines High School is one.

The course is a thorough and detailed series of sessions covering every aspect of outstanding middle leadership, and delivered in sequence.  The course came about after the SSAT identified a gap in the market for a hands-on, situation based course to grow Middle Leadership nationally.  Starting with a perfect middle leader in mind, the course splits up outstanding middle leadership into different areas, each delivered as a module in a separate session.

Crucially, the course provides inspiration, ideas, theory and numerous real-life examples on every facet of an excellent middle leader.  The fact that the course runs over 8 separate sessions meaning each cohort receives sustained support, which is integral to helping the delegates change their habits and improve their Leadership.

The modules delivered, in order, are:

  • Vision and values
  • Developing your leadership approach
  • Building a High performance Team
  • Leading your Team
  • Effective Teaching & Learning
  • Using data for impact
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Support your team


Interested? For further details or to make a booking please contact: Gayna Bedwell (020 8554 3608)