Valentines High School


Current Membership of the Governing Body of Valentines High School is as follows:


LA Governors - 1                         Membership Start Date                          Term of office expiry dates

Mr P Cherry                                   24 April 2018                                             23 April 2022                                     


Staff Governors - 2

Mr R Laws                                    1 September 2014

Miss H Gillott                               17 June 2017                                             16 June 2021                         


Parent Governors – 2                       

Mrs K Ahmed                             17 March 2016                                           16 March 2020                                              

Mrs O Ward                               10 July 2015                                                 9 July 2019                                        


Co-Opted Governors – 10

Mr A Assaf                               12 December 2015                                     11 December 2019

Mr A Bern       (Chairman)         4 April 2005                                                9 November 2018

Mr G Billingham                       25 March 2004                                            9 November 2018                                           

Mr A T Chowdhury                    5 March 2012                                            9 November 2018

Ms J Doughty                            7 March 2016                                            6 March 2020 

Cllr   F Hussain                         9 March 2015                                            8 March 2019                         

Mr M Jaigirdar                          4 March 2004                                            9 November 2018                                           

Mrs B McCarthy                     25 October 2007                                         9 November 2018

Mr S Midlane (Vice-Chair)       9 March 2014                                            8 March 2019

Mr A Muzammal                     21 October 2008                                        9 November 2018                                                  


All Governors can be contacted through the school.  Any correspondence will be promptly forwarded.


The Education Committee appoints Local Authority Governors.  Their term of office is 4 years from the period of their appointment.


Parent Governors must have children on roll at the time of election and are elected by parents of pupils of the school.  They are elected for a period of 4 years; they do not have to stand down if their child leaves the school during that period, though they may do so if they wish.


Teachers Governors are elected by teaching staff at the school and may also serve 4 years.  The Staff Governor is elected by the support staff at the school.  If staff leave they cannot continue to serve as a Governor.


The Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Karen Mount, Tel 07732 635687.  Email


Please download the following document to get more information about Parent Governors. - Parent Governor Leaflet

Valentines High School holds a Register of Business Interests for governors and senior staff and is obliged to declare the interests of governors on the School’s website.

Governors are also asked to declare any potential conflicts of interests arising from any matter or agenda item discussed by the Governing Body and its Committees at each meeting and this is formally recorded.

Register of Business Interests