Sixth Form Trips and Activities

Criminology Lecture day at Friend’s House-Euston 04.12.19

The criminology lecture day was informative engaging and interesting, with 3 lectures including topics on how lie detectors work, hate crime and domestic violence. These were interesting because they not only gave information for the A level Sociology course but for A Level Psychology and A level Law too.

The lecturers went in-depth with the topics that they had researched making it interactive through quizzes on ‘Kahoot’ and allowing us to ask questions to them. Two of our sixth formers out of 300 students present did ask questions to the criminologists. These lectures linked to topics such as Families and Households-domestic violence, hate crime-Crime and Deviance and lie detecting and ethnography- theories and methods.

The lectures were great for paper 3 as it allowed us to make synoptic links between the topics.

However what enriched the day were 2 other elements (the guest speakers) – they were the best. The real-life stories of the ‘Mafia Princess’ (Marisa Merico) and Noel ‘Razor’ Smith who both spoke about their reasons for committing crime and their experiences of committing crime. 

They both spoke about the criminal justice system. One thing they discussed with great passion was rehabilitation. This was partly due to their experiences of prison life. They both argued strongly that rehabilitation in prison is not ‘ideal’, it is one of the reasons why many ex-prisoners go back into society to commit crime as they are not given an opportunity in society to understand an alternative path of living life without committing crime or being deviant.

Thanks to Mrs Redgwell for organising the Criminology Trip.

Drishti Patel






Wise Up - The Hub Challenge

On Wednesday 6th September our new Year 12s took part in a full day of team building activities. Challenged to work as a team and think smart, the HUB enabled students to get to know one another whilst also testing their ability to keep calm under pressure. 

Bisma an external student commented:

'It's been a great way to bond with other students. Some of the tasks have been really challenging and have taken us out of our comfort zone. It's been a great first day'