Valentines High School

Trips and Activities

Step into Sports Day

Students from year 7 -12 went to the Olympic Tennis and Hockey Center on Monday 14th December to take part in a Step into Sports day.

Pupils were given the opportunity to meet and listen to Tim Prendergast a gold medalist Paralympian. It was a very inspiring day and motivated the pupils to think about how they can adapt their leadership skills to allow everyone to succeed. 

Sixth Form Media Trip

On Friday 27th November a group of year 12s, along with Mr Philip and Mr Michaels went to London Southbank.

This was a study day to see how the media is represented in TV dramas.



6th Form Community and Friends

Study Skills

The sixth form study skills day focussed around the following key study areas:

  • 1. Improving your memory (three key memory techniques)
  • 2. Planning ahead & making notes (using frameworks for successful note-taking)
  • 3. Personal planning and organising your time (how to keep a Learning Log)
  • 4. Researching and writing assignments (where to go for credible research)
  • 5. Effectively reviewing work on a regular basis (end of topic reviews)
  • 6. Adapting to sixth form life (dealing with the transition)
  • 7. Establishing current capabilities (developing a growth mindset)

These areas are vital for students to be successful in their studies and help them on their journey into Key Stage 5. The day involved separate sessions in each of these key areas led by Outstanding Valentines teachers. During these sessions, students applied these study skills to their own studies and had the opportunity to reflect on what they currently do. In the afternoon, the students experienced an aspirations assembly before returning to create a personalised action plan based on what they had learnt during the day. These key study areas are included in the Perspectives lessons that students have every Friday and will also be a key focus within mentoring meetings that happen during the academic year.