VHS Curriculum and Assessment

Key Stage 3 Assessment

In Year 7 to Year 9, students are assessed using a nine point scale.  GCSE Targets are set on entry to Year 11 using KS2 data and baseline testing.

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Year 9 Options

The year 9 Options process is designed to allow students to access a broad and balanced Curriculum at KS4, which will allow them to progress on to the next stage of their journey at Valentines High School and beyond.  Through our pathways model, students are guided to make choices which allow them to maximise their potential and prepare them for life both inside and outside of the school setting.  Our intention is to offer an inclusive curriculum, with the majority of subjects being accessible to all students.

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What is our Curriculum Intent?

At Valentines High School we have a knowledge-engaged approach, in which the development of knowledge and skill complement each other throughout the curriculum. 

The aims of the curriculum* are to teach Students the skills and knowledge that will get them to their next stage in life, which for most of our students is University. Although we know that many of our students choose University as their next step, our aim is to give them the skills which prepare them for life and the world of work.

The curriculum model takes into account our traditional school values, the KS2 data of our Students and our desire to give them the best chances in life, both as a result of outstanding GCSE and A Level results and due to their character and life skills.

As a result of this, we believe that Students should have a three-year, Key Stage 3 where they are focused on inspiring their passion for the subject and developing key skills, not just required for their subject but also the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) Education that develops their character.

Each Department Leader has plotted the skills and knowledge that the students develop during their time at Valentines High School, referred to as a Learning Journey, alongside the teaching of personal development (including British values and SMSC) with the overall aim of meeting our curriculum intent.  Please click on the individual links to find out more.

Curriculum Intent Learning Journey
Art and Design Art and Design Year 7-13
Business and Economics Business & Economics – Year 10 Cambridge National Enterprise and Marketing
Business & Economics – Year 10 GCSE
Business & Economics – Year 11 Cambridge National Enterprise and Marketing
Business & Economics – Year 11 GCSE
Business & Economics – Year 12 BTEC
Business Studies – Year 12
Economics – Year 12
Business & Economics – Year 13 BTEC
Business Studies – Year 13
Economics – Year 13
Design and Technology Design and Technology Year 7-13
Drama Drama – Year 7-8
Drama – Year 9-10
English English – Year 7-8
English – Year 9-11
English – Year 12-13
Geography Geography – Year 7-8
Geography – Year 9-11
Geography – Year 12-13
History History – Year 7-9
History – Year 10-11 – Paper 1
History – Year 10-11 – Paper 2
History – Year 12-13
Law Law – Year 12-13
Learning Support Learning Support Year 10-11
Maths Maths – Year 7- 8
Maths – Year 9 -11 Sets 1-4
Maths – Year 9 -11 Sets 5-8
Maths – Year 10 Sets 1-2
Maths – Year 10 Sets 3-8
Maths – Year 12-13
Media Studies Media Studies – Year 10-13
Multi Ethnic Achievement MEA KS3 Extra English Year 7-9
Music Music – Year 7-11
Philosophy Philosophy – Year 12-13
Politics Politics – Year 12-13
PSHE PSHE – Year 7-8
PSHE – Year 9-11
PSHE – Year 12-13
Psychology Psychology Year 12-13
Religious Studies Religious Studies Year 7-9
Religious Studies Year 10-11
Science Science – Year 7-8
Combined Science – Year 9-10
Individual Science – Year 9-10
Combined Science – Year 11
Sociology Sociology – Year 12-13
Student Character Student Character – Year 7
Work Skills Work Skills BTEC Year 10-11

In considering our Curriculum, we take into account:

  • The requirements of Universities
  • The job market in Redbridge, London and beyond
  • Student safety, welfare and PSHCE (including an adaptive/reflective curriculum, as a result of School and contextual concerns)
  • British Values and Equality
  • The development of character and skills that are important for life

*The Curriculum includes all aspects of Staff Directed Time with Students, including:

  • Assemblies
  • Extracurricular Clubs
  • Interventions
  • Structured Lessons
  • Trips
  • Tutor Time