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Becoming an SLE Specialist leaders of education are outstanding middle or senior leaders whose role is to offer support to colleagues in similar positions in other schools. As a teaching school, Valentines/Seven Kings has a responsibility for designating, brokering and deploying SLEs. To become a specialist leader of education (SLE), you will need to hold a middle or senior leadership role in a school and have a specialism that is included in the National Colleges list of expertise. Although you need to be an outstanding leader, you do not need to come from an outstanding school as long as your school has the capacity to release you for outreach work for around 15 days a year. SLEs are required to undertake training before starting the role. SLEs will need to meet strict designation criteria which can be found on the national College website in the SLE prospectus. SLEs will:

  • be outstanding middle or senior leaders with at least two years' experience and a first class knowledge in a particular field of expertise
  • have a successful track record, supported by substantial impact evidence, of working effectively within their own school and/or across a group of schools, or working with a range of leaders within a single school
  • have evidence of successfully using coaching and/or facilitation skills to bring about sustainable improvements
  • have a commitment to outreach work and the capacity to undertake such work
  • be supported in their application by their head teacher and chair of governors, and be able to be released from their school for a mutually agreed allocation of time

There is not a pay scale for SLEs. Applications for Cohort 6 have now closed . Please see the national college website for further details.

SLE Training

Valentines and Seven Kings have been designated as SLE training centres. We offer core training days. All SLEs must undertake the core training day before starting to support other schools.

Training Dates for SLEs (Cohort 6) Valentines/Seven Kings High School 

To book your SLE training at Valentines High School, please contact: To book your SLE training at Seven Kings High School, please contact: c.o' or click on the link

Brokering an SLE

If you would like to work with an SLE we will try to match your needs to one of our SLEs and liaise with them to provide support. There is no set fee for the work of an SLE as this depends on the type, duration and focus of support required. Support may be short or long term term. Before starting work, a contract will be completed to outline what the area of focus is and what duration it will have. The work of SLEs work will be monitored and they will be expected to evidence the impact that they have had. To request the support of an SLE, please contact: To discuss SLE work in more detail contact: Julie Worswick at Valentines High School 0208 554 3608.

SLE Profiles

At Valentines High School, our Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) offer a wide range of expertise. SLEs are designated by Teaching Schools as they are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to develop the leadership capacity of individuals and teams in schools, using coaching or facilitating that draws on their knowledge and expertise in their specialist area. The work will contribute to improving outcomes for children. If you would like to book one of our SLEs to offer support in your school, please contact our Teaching School Administrator, Gayna Bedwell: for more information.

Name of SLE Role Phase & School Area of Expertise Experience

Alison Ball 

Assistant Head Teacher Secondary Valentines High School Assessment for Learning, Tracking Pupil progress and data, Developing Teaching and Learning in the Sixth Form. Experience: During the past 5 years, I have re developed the way in which my own school uses data to track pupil progress. More recently, I have been involved in supporting teachers on how to use data effectively both in my own school and as part of Outreach sessions offered by our Training/Teaching school. The focus of these Outreach sessions has included “How to use pupil data in the most effective and powerful way to influence pupil attainment” and “The use of AFL in successful sixth form teaching and learning”. In addition I have led a staff Learning Group on how to create “outstanding engagement” in lessons and run whole school inset looking at the “role of effective feedback in pupil progress”, “assessment from 2014 onwards” and “tracking vulnerable groups” I am also a facilitator for the Improving Teacher and Outstanding Teacher programmes.

Angus Harrison


Head of Science

Assistant Headteacher


Secondary Valentines High School Science.  Teaching & Learning. Graduated TeachFirst (2008).  Worked as an Associate Tutor for TeachFirst (2011).  Masters in Educational Leadership (2013).  SSAT National Lead Practitioner (2013).  Head of Science (2013-15) – results improved from 72.4% A*-C to 86.4% A*-C Core Science within first year.  Lead Teacher of Science (2012-2013) – All 3 disciplines improved at AS value added, two A*-C GCSE’s improved from 62.5% to 68.5%.  Led, presented or participated in over 50 Teaching School events.  Led implementation of “flipped learning” initiative for Year 12 – resulting in 12/17 departments predicting higher AS results and all 12 crediting Flipped Learning with being a part of the reason why results had improved.  Designed and led a results based second-year teacher improvement programme, rated as 9.3/10 by participants for effectiveness.